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Keep up with your household needs with our array of items provided here at Bob’s Cave.  We offer the very best of appliances and technological gadgets that will give you the best outcome. Be it a specific pan you need to whip up a delicious meal for guests or a technological gadget that will complement your current inventory.

At bargain prices ranging between £5.95 and upward, Bob’s Cave carries numerous brands that are well revered in their specific categories. High quality and affordability go hand in hand with all our items on sale.

Some of the bands and items you will find in our inventory are:

 Cookery Items

-          Netherton Foundry

In order throw that epic dinner part with the best-cooked meals, you will need your trusty cookery. All the iron woks, iron safe frying pans, iron griddles and baking plates available for purchase on the website are of the Netherton Foundry Pan.  This brand is known for carrying traditional cast and spun iron cookware that works magic in the kitchen.

Computer Technologies and Accessories

-          PRO SSD Cards

If you are looking for an affordable solid state drive, then look no more. We carry a huge variety of PRO SSD from esteemed brands. Our SSD card stock includes brand like Adata, Kingston, Palit, and Samsung.


-          Internet security Packages

In this day and age, internet security is as important as home security. Having understood this need, we ensure that we made available internet security items that are designed to give you high-end security. The main brand you will find available here is the BullGuard Internet Security.


-          Gaming Cases

For every gamer and computer enthusiast out there, we understand the value and demand for state of the art gaming cases. With this in mind, we stock high-end gaming cases that come from distinguished brands like ANTEC, BEQUIET, SPIRE-G, and RIOTORO.


We introduce new styles and home items at an extremely fast pace, always stocking up on only the best brands with bargain value prices. For high-end home items, shop our wide selection of cookery and computer technologies and accessories.


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