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Whether you are a decorated officer working on a security team or an individual interested in security aspects looking for more ways to protect themselves, we have products that will help you cater to your security needs.

Bob’s Cave carries a wide variety of security gears and gadgets ranging from entry-level options under £10 (e.g. reflective badges and patches) to top of the line high security gear from Viper and Dhustone featuring ID holders, heavy duty security restraint belts, torch and radio pouches and harnesses amongst others priced at close to £45.95

Much like the majority of the products on our site, we sell the best of the best that guarantee both quality and efficiency; from simple badges and patches to the more advanced equipment.  The various products available under this category include:

Dhustone Security Products:

-          Police, Military Police, Dog Handler, Security, First Responder, and Paramedic reflective and non-reflective patches and badges.

-          Mobile Pouch

-          Reflective Armband ID Holder

-          Water Resistant Torch Pouch

-          Large Glove or Utility Pouch

-          Adjustable Torch and Baton Pouch

-          Maglite Torch Pouch

-          3-way ID Holder

-          MOLLE Tactical Radio Pouch  

-          Water Resistant Double Handcuff Pouch

-          Heavy Duty Professional 1000D Duty Belt

-          Tactical Cross draw Holster Vest

Viper Security Products:

-          Viper Security Restraint Belt

Shopping for our selection of security items for sale makes a taxing process much easier on our customers. Sometimes the jargon for security items confuses people, making the process of choosing and purchasing security gear very confusing and sometimes disheartening. Not with us! With our simplified descriptors, shopping for these items has never been easier.

An additional benefit to our security items on Bob’s Cave is that everything, including the top of the line high security gears, is listed at a bargain, competitive pricing, making our inventory one of the best to choose from in the market. Shopping for security gear has never been so simplified – or more cost-effective- than with our wide selection from all price ranges and product range.


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